Friday, 10 August 2012

Introducing lure fishing to a new generation...

Yesterday was a really inspiring day for me. I took three nephews out with my dad and brother in law to introduce them to lure fishing. None have any real fishing experience and certainly never held or fished a lure rod or soft plastics, which was going to be the order of the day.

So a couple of days ago I took the guys down to Art of Fishing for a look at the kind of gear we would be using for our day out. My dad was after a set up so we left with a Garbolino Magister paired with a Shimano Nexave 1000FC. This was to be spooled with some Sunline Siglon Flouro in 3lb. Armed with a pocket in set and some Power isome we were set.

So yesterday we packed the gear, including three wired young gents, and we made our way off to the mark. I chose a mark which was easily accessible and parking was bang on the fishing area. We were to fish off hard standing to avoid clambering over rocks as one of the guys was quite young. After an inordinate amount of time setting up rods for all we were straight into fish :)

One of my nephews was fishing a Shirasu jighead with a glow white Ecogear Minnow SS. It wasnt long before he was into his first lure caught saltwater fish in the form of a rather hungry mini Pollack.

On the other side of the mark I was fishing with another Nephew and we were using a drop shot rig of a 5g drop shot with a size 14 hook and a small chunk of red Power Isome. After an infuriating number of taps the rod finally bent into a take and he retrieved his first lure caught fish, a lovely little Wrasse.

Josh has his first lure caught Wrasse

We fished on for a little while longer but the annoyance that is tombstoners blighted the mark and made it both unsafe and innappropriate to fish any longer (the language was terrible). So we packed up and headed off to a different mark just for a final cast or two. This mark was quiet with no one else around. We continued to fish and on a simple Isome rig on size 14 with a SSG split 2 inches above the hook we had the surprise of the day when this little fella popped up.

Think it is a sand goby although never seen anything like this before. A great finish to the day and a retreat for tea and medals! I thoroughly enjoyed the day. Was great to see the little guys getting excited over lure fishing and their catches. The sun blessed us all day which made the day even more special for them and they went home chuffed with the tales of the "big" catches. First question when we got home.... "so are we fishing again tomorrow?"

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