Thursday, 9 August 2012

Catch report 08/08/12 - Sunsets and Bass

Took advantage of some glorious weather to visit a mark on the south east coast with Mark QUINTON. Mark knows this coastline like the back of his hand and we have explored bits of it over the summer. Today was a new spot for me and it looked amazing. We arrived as the sun started to lower in the sky, the water was crystal clear and the swell was calm and pushing at the end phase of a flood.

Started out with trying to get my first of the year off the top. Using a Zenith Z-Claw and firing it out on the 9'6" GL Argento RV the lure worked like a dream. Whilst i got used to fishing off the top again (its been a while!) Mark hooked into a fiesty Bass!! The fish were around which was a pleasing sign. Shortly after Mark's fish I saw the familiar swirl on top as a bass shot up to take my lure and dissappear back into the blue. This one didnt put up too much of a fight but did try and snag me on a rock. Quick assist from Mark saw the fish back in the open water and landed safely. A Beautiful fish, shown here resting in a pool before release.

Things went a bit quiet so time to change tactics and I popped a Megabass X120 SW on and first cast brought the cracking sound of line peeling away from the reel. This fish was up for more of a fight and took some controlling to land it. Another beautiful silver and was more than happy to flare its dorsal to show how unhappy it was!!

Time was running out and the dark was quickly racing us and our fishing time. So time to shift to a new rock outcrop and try a different approach in the water. I have to say the Megabass was performing well. a cracking lure that flew out like a bullet on the Argento and was retrieving really well. Generally sticking to a fast straight retrieve with a couple of jerks and pauses thrown in. The new position worked and the reel screamed again!! This was a better fish, probably the bigger of the three and was playing me. He moved from one outcrop of rock to another trying hard to snag my line so he could make a bid for freedom. After a tense 3 or 4 minutes with braided line brushing up agaunst barnacled rocks he was back in the open and quickly retrieved to be landed. Great condition fish at 2lb this was the best of the night.

Time to leave and we retreated back to the cars under a brilliant red and orange sky as the sun set. Great to be out fishing with mark again and you cant get better than this as a view and fishing mark. Good session to test the rod and lures. I really like the Argento. Casts a long way with minimum effort and has tremendous power. I would say on the fish we had tonight, smaller than usual sessions, it wasn't a hard fight and you do need bigger fish to really get a feel of the fish but on the flip side it really handled these fish with ease. The Megabass lure was the star of the night for me. Worked really easily and hooked up on ever take. True beast of a lure which ill use a lot more.

Next Ill be out taking a few youngsters out for a day on the LRF. Report to follow if I survive the experience :)

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