Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Where's Wally!!.......

Firstly, Im back!!
Seems to have been an age since I last posted but have been bogged down with work, other projects and home life.
Not that its been a chore! I have had some great fishing time over the past  4 to 5 months and also met some new exciting people both in fishing and doing other projects, I know that's twice I have eluded to that now!! All will become clear when I can tell you more. Lets say I have made a huge detour into another exciting world whilst I have been pursuing my fishing. It never amazes me the opportunities that present themselves to us in our lives. Anyway enough of that for now.
Ill be back writing again now and updating you on my antics. I have chosen to move away form the LRF scene and concentrate more on my Wrasse fishing, so expect a lot more on the tactics used there.
I'm also writing for a team of local anglers now and you can find us at . One of the "other" projects I have been working on. Do check out the pages there for some further updates on my antics with the revolution boys. I will be writing on both blogs now as this will be more a personal blog compared to the resource feel to our revolution website.
In closing. I'm looking forward to updating you into some new ideas as I continue on my path. And Ill leave you with some films I've put together for revolution. I will start to put them up here so you all can get a little first glance before they go onto our youtube channel. Loving the film and editing. May give you a clue to some other things I'm up to at the moment and Ill be sure to share when its time :)
Till then Tight Lines and enjoy the films..
Rockfish Revolution Issue 1
Rockfish Revolution Issue 2

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