Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Night Time Wrasse and a must enter comp....

Popped out last night with usual LRF amigo Paul SMITH but felt like something different. Paul had made some attempt to explore a new mark very close to where we fish LRF. This mark was to hunt some more pigs thou and so with both HRF and LRF packed we headed out.

I havent been to this mark before and exploring a new mark at late evening with the light almost gone wasn't the ideal situation but on arrival I could see why Paul had started to have a sniff around the area. Rocky shelf shore line with a heavy weeded blanket across the stretch of coastline. It was looking healthy for some Wrasse action and we know a local bait angler has had 4-5lb fish somewhere in the area.

Weapon of choice for the evening. 7'3" Century HPR with a Caldia 3000. Stepped up to 20lb Sunline Castaway braid and a good 2 foot of Sunline Siglon FC leader in 18lb. Have moved to a heavier braid and leader recently as the areas I have been exploring have gotten a lot rougher and snap offs have been occurring. I have avoided going to heavy as it can cause the braid to "hinge" as it breaks into the water and the lure swims differently. So far so good. This outfit was tipped with a size 1 Rockfish worm hook, 2 jingle bells ;) and a 5g conehead. Lure for today was the Diawa Tournament D'tail in Ayu.

With the rig ready to go I started to cast close to where we first arrived. The lure was dragging through the weed and the conditions were not ideal. Fishing 3-4 hours into the ebb probably isnt the best time to hunt Wrasse  but you sometimes have to just push on whatever your faced with. I quickly changed position to hit a spot on the corner of a rocky outcrop. The lure hit open water and a very slow retrieve with a twitch here and there to get the fish interested. 15 minutes into casting and the HPR bent into a strong bite and immediately I had a scrap on my hands. The power in the fish was awesome and I was sure it was going to be a good sized fish. Took some dragging through the heavy weed but was soon landed. A lot smaller than I thought it would be at just shy of 2lb. Must have been the extra pressure caused by the heavy weed that caused the feel of a much bigger Wrasse.

I love the spotted pattern on this one. Was a lovely colour too. Whilst at the mark we met with a fella from South Wales who was working with the Royal Marines. He was using small plugs but we soon converted him over to weighted weedless presentation. Im sure he will be buying some gear to carry on this style which he found helpful. Best of luck Gethin and I hope the fish abroad bite for you :) The tide had dropped to a height that made it impossible to pursue anymore Wrasse so we headed to one of our usual LRF spots to see Andy Younger, Sam Clarke, Frankie Costello, Mark Power and Dean Pilgrim all into some cracking fish on the light gear. Cuttlefish still causing issues but Andy, Sam and Frankie had some lovely Scad. Poor cod and gobies were also being caught. Nice job guys!

Finally Lure Heaven is running a species hunt over the autumn/winter. It started on 1st September 2012 and runs until december so plenty of time to get involved and catch some good species. It covers both salt and fresh water species so expect some future posts on some freshwater adventures :) Check the Facebook page for entry details but I believe you share/like the facebook advert and then send in your contact details to receive your card that will be required to be included in all catch photos.

Hope your catches are plentiful if you enter the comp and tight lines..

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