Friday, 14 September 2012

Catch report 14/09/12 - Species hunt well underway...

Well my laminated entry card for the Lure heaven Species Hunt arrived in the mail this morning and was waiting for me when I got home. Can only mean one then. Time to crack on!!

Decided to have a short blast of a session out with Paul SMITH and our mascot, Rocky! We headed out to a busy mark early evening and dodged a few nearby anglers to get stuck in. I opted for a quick dropshot session to start and using Jacks LRF dropshot hooks, again with red Power Isome, was quickly into a fiesty little Corkwing Wrasse. Great start and I quickly went to unhook the lil fella and made a grab for my species card. Unfortunately I believe this fella must have seen "Finding Nemo" as he soon flipped and tumbled himself to the edge of the wall I was fishing and back into the blue before I could record him :(

Still onward and I decided to continue on the dropshot and hope to hook up again with my movie buff friend. Another tap and I was soon back on with another fish. On the retrieve I had a lovely little pollack who only just made it on the measure :) Cracking little fish and finally my species hunt was on.

LRF Pollack at 11cm

Still using the dropshot technique with a little pink Power isome another species arrived in the form of a Smelt.

LRF Smelt at 17 cm

Switching tactics I dropped to an old favourite, metals. Using the Jackall Mameta, which seems to be going under a new name in the uk as the Jackall Aji Mame Special Jig, I started to cast out. Using the 4.5g in a bright yellow/green Midnight Banana colour I had six Pollack in succession, one fish on each and every cast. These were quite healthy specimens and of a better stamp than Im used to at this mark. The better of the fish was this 32cm fella. Paul seems to think I had a better one and they were putting a cracking bend in the Major Craft Zaltz ZAT, my LRF go to rod. 

LRF Pollack at 32cm
I was really pleased with the return on the fishing tonight. Slightly gutted about losing the wrasse but they're always around so I will chase another soon. Paul had some cracking Pollack too and had a crazy foul hooked Pollack on, aptly named, a crazy lure!! We both had a cracking hour and a half out on the lures. Planning some adventures for later on the way home I'm well and truely on the species hunt trail.... get involved!!

Finally, hoping to catch up with my old HRF mentor, Mike SULLIVAN, from Rockfishing Revolution this coming Monday. If our meet ups go anything like usual I should have a cracking post to report on our antics and maybe even a glimpse at the future of our angling pursuit and a real life comparison of old and new ideas ;) Till then tight lines....

Dont forget to check my updated species count on the species post at this blog :)

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