Friday, 1 June 2012

Catch Report 31/05/12 - LRF just gets weirder!!

So still buzzing from my Bass catch this week Im off again. This time to meet Matt NEWCOMBE from Art of Fishing and Sam CLARKE. Love the LRF sessions with these guys. Both are really experienced LRF anglers and its a real boys atmosphere :)

So its all starts off well. There are big swirls on the suface and it looks like the Bass might still be here!! Everyone is getting knocks but no hook ups and this goes on to be the flavour of the night :(

Mark POWER soon joins us and we carry on casting. Im fishing the Fish League Tiebo again as it was such a star the other night! Stood next to Mark I have not one but TWO schoolie Bass follow my lure and we both watch them follow it all the way to the shore. Then they turn their noses up and head back out! Infuriating to say the least.

Time for a change of tactics. So I have another new lure to try, my thanks to Border Bandit Rod LUGG at the Lure Forum for this one. I attach an Ecogear Paramax to a 2.7g Shirasu Jig. First cast and bam drag screams for a couple of seconds then goes slack.. argh!! From the take I know the Mackie are back in the area. Continue on with the casts and a Flounder follows the paramax into shore. I set it up for a take...... so it buries itself in the sand :( What is going on tonight??!!

The night carries on much in the same manner. Few more bumps and knocks but nothing is committing. Matt gets a nice Mackie in and I am getting to the point of packing up... when the zaltz gets heavy and the rod is motionless? Doesn't feel like a snag and then the rod tip starts to bounce rythmically. I have never seen anything like it. Then on the retrieve we see a squirt of water on the surface. Well Ill be damned as a squid surfaces attached to the Tiebo. This is my first lure caught squid and I have heard that they do frequent this particular stretch of water but never seen one. Sam assists with landing the squid and after a couple of photos its back in the drink for our ink squirting friend.

I quoted a line from the cracking "Forrest Gump" some time ago saying that LRF "was like a box of chocolates. You never know what your gonna get!" I think tonight demonstrates this again. You never know what you will pull out the water when your out on the light gear :)

A cracking night guys and ill get posting more after the weekend.

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