Friday, 15 June 2012

Catch Report 14/06/12....

Well the weather has certainly done its best to spoil any chance of fishing recently. Still getting to withdrawal stages I decided to head out for an LRF session with Mike Sullivan. It sounded a good idea to start with.

The rain subsided on the way to the mark and it was looking all good. Until I got out the car and nearly got blown over but some serious winds :( Every cloud has a silver lining though. I grabbed my rarenium 3000 and swapped over the braid filled spool with a spool loaded with newly purchased Sunline Small Game Flourocarbon in the 3lb weight bracket. Braid is a mare in the wind. Its sooo light it gets picked up by the wind and you watch your lure racing over the water at Mach 3 as the wind drags your end tackle along with the braid. Flouro is heavier and doesnt get picked up so badly by winds. You dont tend to get the huge sail of line you will get with a braid line.

So tying on a Shirasu Fine jig head at 2.3g and spiking the awesome pink 2" Paramax onto the hook I started casting out. The wind was doing a great impression of a take on the tip of my Zaltz and made it very difficult to sense if I was getting bites. The Flouro however was doing a grande job cutting the wind out of the equation and was definitely a better option over a light braid.

Mike turned up about 5 minutes later and as he started to have a chat the Zaltz bent over in a strong take which was most definitely not the wind. After a cracking scrap I brought a lovely looking schoolie Bass to the surface and landed it for a few photos. Possibly my smallest Bass this year still a welcome sight in harsh conditions. Fishing on I had a hard time deciding if I was having another take or the wind was playing me up. Going for the option it was probably a take I reeled it in to see a cracking little Long Spine Scorpion fish with fanned fins land on the shore. I love these guys and they certainly make LRF an interesting sport. Both fish returned safe back in the water and the heavens opened, Wind I can deal with. Rain I can deal with. Typhoon is not my bag and we called it a night!!

Great to get to try the flouro under some testing conditions and I have to say it coped really well. Certainly have confidence to fish more harsh conditions now with the right tools for the job. Having the right gear is such an important part of fishing and catching fish. Till the next one :)

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