Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Where to begin??!!

Ok so today I want to tell you a few good places to start your own journey into LRF/HRF fishing. When I first looked at getting involved in the sport I was completely amazed by the amount of resource available if you know where to look.

But there are undoubtably two must have resources which will help you get involved very quickly and these are the Jersey Bass Guides forums/articles and The Lure Forum. Without a doubt both these resources have simply been a constant source of advice and information for me. This has helped me get the right tackle, talk to some very experienced anglers and give me the confidence to fish very quickly.

There are also a number of blogs which are a must read. Henry Gilbey is an inspirational angler/journalist who has a wealth of angling experience and a cracking blog here. He also has some impressive photography on the blog and well worth a look. Other blogs I have found to be invaluable are The Rockfish Revolution, written by my mentor Mike SULLIVAN and Smells Kinda Like Fish, by Paul GUNNING. Both blogs have inspired me to write this and have been a top source of advice and information for me starting out.

To close lets talk the final resource which is a must have.... your tackle shop. I am very lucky to be in Plymouth where Ben FIELD of St Merryn's ART OF FISHING has just opened a second shop. I cant emphasise how blingtastic this shop is and dare any lure angler rookie or pro not to be tempted to burn the old credit card at every visit. Ben is a true gent and having purchased from him in the past at St Merryn the new Plymouth shop has become a second home. The shop is staffed by two very experienced anglers, Matt and Mark, who together offer a wealth of knowledge and advice that's second to none. A new addition to my purchasing arm has been JACKS LRF. This site has a cracking shop with some awesome lures and tackle. Take a look for some very competitively priced items. And when I talk about resources I couldnt finish without mentioning the shop that supplied my lovely Shimano Rarenium 3000 reel, a true workhorse but ill come to this in my next post, MR FISH. The guys at MR FISH in JERSEY have been so so helpful in the past and is always worth a look.

So here it is. Probably as much info to start looking at as you could stand to take in a lifetime of angling. Matching gear with knowledge to start you off. I cant emphasise the most important resource that you could possibly draw on to get you along on your fishing journey, good friends to fish with. Fishing can be social or solo but having a good crack with some like minded people makes the experience all the more worth it.

Next time Ill talk about matching quality with affordability when looking at gear and share some of my thoughts on starting out LRF/HRF.

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