Monday, 14 May 2012

Catch report 13/05/12

Just a mini catch report before i shoot off on the quest for more bass!!

Meet up with LRF buddy and enthusiast Mark POWER out on a local Plymouth LRF mark last night. Was hoping for a nice quiet session and as I drove to the mark there was a severe lack of the usual bait anglers. Awesome!! Well awesome until I got out the car and nearly got blown away.... Ah!!

Still I was there...Mark P was enroute so I got my MC Zaltz Zat 7'3" fixed with the old trusty Rarenium 3000 from Shimano. Now I recently respooled the Rarenium with 0.4 PE Sunline Rockfish braid. Feels a little more substantial compared to my previous braid, the Varivas Light Game 0.4 PE. Seems to have slightly more abrasive resistance in the braid  and not as "wispy" but Ill post more as I put it through its paces. Matched with the braid Im using the 6lb Sunline Siglon Flouro as a leader. Knots well very strong... Im liking the Sunline range at the moment. Good quality gear. You do pay a little bit more than some other products but the quality is there the minute you take it of the original spool.

Now my go to lure choice is usually the Marukyu Power Isome in pink on a size 8 1.8g ecogear shirasu hook. I decided to experiement a bit so went to a 2g size 4 jig from Jacks LRF and matched it with a 2" Yoshikawa paddle tail  in green. Casts into the usual areas are impossible. Braid acts like a superb sail on the light gear we use for LRF. Strong winds make retrieves laughable as the wind tugs on the braid and pulls the lure through the water at Mach 10. For these conditions I will need to get some Flourocarbon spooled onto my spare Rarenium spool and some 5g Metal lures are now on the shopping list. Flouro is slightly heavier than braid and is more resistant to the wind. Metal lures get that punch out through the wind. Still effected by the wind but less so than a 1.8g jig with plastic on board. Buying new gear never stops ;)

Finding a more sheltered area from the wind I start to cast along the harbour wall and I must have had in excess of 10 takes with no hook up. Now the Yoshikawa has done the business for me in the past so Im thinking my prey is a little to small but trying its hardest to swallow the lure.

So back to the Power Isome on the smaller size 8 and first try.. fish on!! Very little resistance apart form the usual pecking action. Its small and Im putting my money on a goby, as Mark P had a couple whilst I persevered with my earlier takes. Retrieve reveals its a strong coloured and small Long Spined Scorpion fish, my second this year.

Quick photo and back into the water. Im all over it. Staying on the isome I carry on when we both see flashes of silver in the water around our lures. With the light waning this can mean only one thing. The pollack have arrived to feed.

Soon we are into pollack one after the other. I manage three cracking takes and great fights on light gear! Just wish the pollack would fight for longer. They are not as fiesty as our last session but all worth it in the end. The cold winds finally get to me and its time to pack up for home.. Good session in all and always good to spend some time yapping with Mark P. A real LRF enthusiast with a huge passion for the little fish. Till next time buddy :)

Well thats it need to get my gear in the car and get off to the Bass mark. Till the next time, tight lines!!

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