Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Testing Testing... Vibe (Blade) lures!!

So to another post covering ongoing testing of new gear. This one carries on from the  original testing testing post on metal lures. However I decided to be more specific as I have been exclusively using vibe (or blade) metal lures and had some great results. Its definitely a lure I'm using a lot more on my LRF runs and it's producing well. The weather prompted the return to metal as the wind and rain has been terrible and really left me with little choice!

Firstly the lures. I have been testing some old favourites and a new find, thanks to LRF amigo Tony TOLLER.

First the old favourite, the Ecogear VX35. I have to admit I have been dubious about the use of Vibe lures and the VX35 has been sat in the tackle bag for some months. But as I say the weather has been most unkind to my LRF band of brothers and metal seemed the way forward. The VX35 is a 3.5g sinking vibe lure from the great Ecogear stable. It has a choice of 2 anchor points. A forward point for straight retrieves and a rear point for a more vertical style of angling.

Second was a new find. I have managed to get hold of some JAXON Switch Blade Holo Reflex and Merla Holo Reflex lures. This was packaged with some SPINMAD Amazonka lures.

Top to Bottom - Amazonka, Merla Holo and Switchblade Holo

The Jaxon switch blade lures come in at 4g and are similar to the VX35 other than the switch blade has a third anchor point. The Merla lure came in at 4.5g and with a very triangular head cuts through the water very well. This also has the similar 3 anchor point design of the switch blade. The Amazonka lure came in dead on 5g so was the heaviest of all the lures. It had a simple blade design with most of the weight to the front and bottom of the lure. Again it had the 3 anchor point design.

So to the test. First up to bat was the VX35 which I have in a Ltd Edition colour. I wasn't sure if this brown colour would do much but after moving around at a usual mark I was soon into a hard fighting Mackerel. The VX35 transmits the vibration really well and using the front anchor on a straight retrieve I wasn't surprised the Mackerel homed in on the lure in the water.

So already into fish I cast out around the same area to see if the mackerel were schooling. Shortly after I start the retrieve.. fish on but a weak take. Definitely a smaller fish but I was very surprised when this little fella popped up.

LRF Rock Goby on an Ecogear VX35

This lil fellas must have been hungry as it shoot out to take the lure on the retrieve, first time I have watched a goby take a lure in such a manner. He was very quick to give credit where its due and soon back in the water.

So the VX35 was producing the goods and I cast out again to see what else I could find. Unfortunately the wind blew the lure in a cross wind and landing in a thick off shore weed bed the VX35 was MIA!! Still time to try a session with the new lures from JAXON.

I started with the Jaxon Switchblade holo in the pinky/bronze colour. Casting from a prominent spot at the usual mark for LRF I w3as into a fish on the second cast. Using the Switchblade in a similar manner to the VX35 I used the first of the three anchor points on a straight retrieve with a couple of twitches. This lure didn't seem to transmit the same level of vibration that the VX35 did but it still landed a good Mackerel.

LRF Mackerel on the Jaxon Switchblade Holo

Back to casting and a lighter take. On the retrieve I had the smallest Pollack I have ever taken from any mark. This little fish was not much bigger than the lure which is less than 5 cm in length. This lure was producing as well as the VX35 but a slight change in anchor point, using the middle one, gave better vibration transmission resulting in this fish.

LRF Pollack on the Jaxon Switchblade Holo

This was the last Blade lure catch of the session so as a side line I rigged a 3.5g dropshot weight with a size 14 hook and a 2cm piece of pink Power Isome. Dropping it off the hard standing I was on, close into the wall, immediately bites were felt. Soon the Zaltz tip was tapping and bending well. On the retrieve a Blenny was hanging on to its kill with a vice like grip.

So to the lures. Of the two tested they work in a very similar way, give similar results and fish well! The main difference.. the cost! The VX35 is a very well made lure, which is to be expected from Ecogear. The material is pristine and the craftsmanship, well you can see and feel its quality. The Jaxon is a little bit more rustic in its build. It doesn't have the same quality "feel" of the ecogear but then I can buy 4 Jaxon lures for the price of 1 VX35.... and with them fishing in a similar manner with both producing good catches it isn't hard to love the Jaxon Switchblade Holo. In my opinion having some competition on the market is good for all of us. It promotes development into better lures and also introduces a competitive market. Something that we, as the angler, can only benefit more from. Not to say I wont replace my VX35 in the future but at this time I'm happy continuing with the Jaxon lures as my metal vibe lures!!

next post will probably be generated by the use of some eagerly awaited Tict product. Soon as its been tested it'll be up here for your reading. Till then Tight Lines!!

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